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There is No "RIGHT" Way to be Creative.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021


I could make my first blog post about myself. About my art. About how I "found" art. But honestly, "art" has been in me, and in you, since the very beginning. And I mean, the VERY beginning. Hear me out...

Whichever way humans came into this world..the fact that we have the ability to care for ourselves, to function as communities, to grasp the concepts of physics and math and other living beings on our in itself amazing. Humans, as any other living creative, are adaptive. That is how we have survived for as long as we have, To be adaptive, you have to have at least the tiniest ounce of creativity in you, to survive. To be creative is to survive..and to thrive.

If there is anything this pandemic has shown us, it is that humans need to feed their mind with creativity in order to survive. So many people took up new "hobbies" to pass the time..and I put "hobbies" in quotes because it is in our nature to seek out new and exciting things. Because we are adaptive, it is in our nature for the need to be creative.

This is why I stand by my blog post title in that there is no RIGHT way to be creative. You already have it in you. It is NATURAL in you. A NATURAL INSTINCT, if you will. In one way or another, you have shown some creativity in some aspect of your daily life, because if you didn't, you wouldn't be surviving. Creativity is in our nature. We were born out of some sort of creation - that in itself should show you that you have creative abilities. Don't hold them back. Express yourself however you see fit, and if it resonates with others, they will listen. They always do.

Don't think about what others do - just do you - and it will all come through. <3.

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